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Why I hate my ex...
1) She still has my N64 (which was a christmas present) along with all my games for it and games for my DS and GBA (many of which were birthday and christmas presents as well)
2) She has a lot of my manga
3) Being in a relationship with her prevented me from asking out a girl that I would have had a great relationship with, and now even if I do get a chance with her, she's not a virgin anymore
4) She was a huge prude and a tease
5) She hated wearing a bra (in the bad way)
6) She was pms-y 24/7
7) She didn't want me to drink ever
8) She kept bugging me about marriage
9) Held a grudge over everything
10) Has the world's shortest fuse
12) No butt to speak of
13) Would not tolerate licking
14) Did not like french kissing
15) Lied throughout our whole relationship and then accused me of doing the same

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Wow, I would be a better girlfriend than she was, and I have the libido of a five-year-old retard with a screw in its skull.

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