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Fucking douche bag cunt bitch tits from hell.
How fucking dare you harp on me for lying then turn around and do the same?
I seriously want to gouge your eyes out and watch you flail about helplessly, blood running down your face.
Fuck that douche bag your dating, too, the little bitch boy.
God knows your into trendy guys and whatever, so I just have one little question, why even bother getting my hopes up, 1) for a relationship and 2) for a friendship when all you really want to do is stomp around on my heart and soul.
"You know I love you, right?"
If this is love, that I'm in life to pump up the hate.
But this isn't love, but I'm still gunna hate on you, you goddamn whore.
Yes, you are a whore.
Happy fucking that cunthole douche bag asslicking piece of shit.
This is one reason I dislike the female population. I have met less than 10 who are consistantly honest with me, with my mom and grandma's taking up 3 of those slots.
Fuck my life, I hate guys, too, but there hasn't been more than maybe 2 girls yet that after discerning their true nature that I've deemed worth sharing a planet with me. Same with guys, but I can at least form comraderie with guys. They don't play bullshit games
Fuck you human population. I really and truly loathe 99% of you that I have ever met.
The rest apparently has AIDS and is dying of starvation and killing baby seals and whales and polluting my beloved Earth and would most likely be better off not existing.

BTW, the "chipper" mood is for the wood chipper I wish I could feed you and that giant sack of pompous retard you hang out with into.


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