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American Eagle is for cool people
If you didn't know, now you do. Also, pop your collar.
If you know a girl who recently broke up with a guy, dress up in it and you can totally get some action with her.
Also, don't ever take your iPod (iPhone, sorry) out of your ear so you can seem aloof and above it all.

Also, if you are that girl, introduce your trendy new man to your ex so he can see what it is you wanted from him all along. Act like you're not doing anything wrong by spending obnoxious amounts of time with him and don't warn your ex that he is over while your ex is talking to you on the phone or online so personal things slip out and you and your new beau can have a nice laugh over it all.

If you are the ex, be happy for your ex and her new guy. She's just doing it to feel good. You just kept stressing her out by being yourself. It doesn't mean she doesn't love you and it doesn't mean she loves him, but you and her aren't right for each other, and she's been attracted to him for awhile. They are happy together and you shouldn't feel bad. He isn't the reason she left you, although is does make it much less likely you'll ever get back together.


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