Fucking douche bag cunt bitch tits from hell.
How fucking dare you harp on me for lying then turn around and do the same?
I seriously want to gouge your eyes out and watch you flail about helplessly, blood running down your face.
Fuck that douche bag your dating, too, the little bitch boy.
God knows your into trendy guys and whatever, so I just have one little question, why even bother getting my hopes up, 1) for a relationship and 2) for a friendship when all you really want to do is stomp around on my heart and soul.
"You know I love you, right?"
If this is love, that I'm in life to pump up the hate.
But this isn't love, but I'm still gunna hate on you, you goddamn whore.
Yes, you are a whore.
Happy fucking that cunthole douche bag asslicking piece of shit.
This is one reason I dislike the female population. I have met less than 10 who are consistantly honest with me, with my mom and grandma's taking up 3 of those slots.
Fuck my life, I hate guys, too, but there hasn't been more than maybe 2 girls yet that after discerning their true nature that I've deemed worth sharing a planet with me. Same with guys, but I can at least form comraderie with guys. They don't play bullshit games
Fuck you human population. I really and truly loathe 99% of you that I have ever met.
The rest apparently has AIDS and is dying of starvation and killing baby seals and whales and polluting my beloved Earth and would most likely be better off not existing.

BTW, the "chipper" mood is for the wood chipper I wish I could feed you and that giant sack of pompous retard you hang out with into.

American Eagle is for cool people
If you didn't know, now you do. Also, pop your collar.
If you know a girl who recently broke up with a guy, dress up in it and you can totally get some action with her.
Also, don't ever take your iPod (iPhone, sorry) out of your ear so you can seem aloof and above it all.

Also, if you are that girl, introduce your trendy new man to your ex so he can see what it is you wanted from him all along. Act like you're not doing anything wrong by spending obnoxious amounts of time with him and don't warn your ex that he is over while your ex is talking to you on the phone or online so personal things slip out and you and your new beau can have a nice laugh over it all.

If you are the ex, be happy for your ex and her new guy. She's just doing it to feel good. You just kept stressing her out by being yourself. It doesn't mean she doesn't love you and it doesn't mean she loves him, but you and her aren't right for each other, and she's been attracted to him for awhile. They are happy together and you shouldn't feel bad. He isn't the reason she left you, although is does make it much less likely you'll ever get back together.

Why I hate my ex...
1) She still has my N64 (which was a christmas present) along with all my games for it and games for my DS and GBA (many of which were birthday and christmas presents as well)
2) She has a lot of my manga
3) Being in a relationship with her prevented me from asking out a girl that I would have had a great relationship with, and now even if I do get a chance with her, she's not a virgin anymore
4) She was a huge prude and a tease
5) She hated wearing a bra (in the bad way)
6) She was pms-y 24/7
7) She didn't want me to drink ever
8) She kept bugging me about marriage
9) Held a grudge over everything
10) Has the world's shortest fuse
12) No butt to speak of
13) Would not tolerate licking
14) Did not like french kissing
15) Lied throughout our whole relationship and then accused me of doing the same

My friends
Are all either incompetant or insane, which makes me think I'm insance for associating with them. 

One of my better female friends is madly in love with one of my minor male friends who for just about as long as I can remember has wanted nothing to do with a relationship or really and truly human contact.  The majority of the time of his waking hours are spent playing WoW, frisbee or partying (not counting being in class), but apparently this is just a phase and there really is some redeeming quality to him that no one but this girl can see.  I kinda wanna punch her in the face sometimes, but only after punching him until he's bloody.

Life just has me down and it's hard to not sound like an emo, but good Lord, can I have a break? I know I don't have the worst life in the world and given the random chance, I would rather keep my life than try a trade.  What has me down you may ask?  Well, my girl friend, who is now my ex, has decided to keep all the stuff I've ever LENT her while requiring that I return to her all the stuff she ever GAVE me.  So, I'm ending up about $600 in the whole for losing my Nintendo 64 and about 30 games, near $200 of manga and $100 of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.  So yeah, she is being intolerable.  Oh, and she is still mad at me for breaking up with her because I came to the realization that I did not love her and then did not want to trap her in a loveless relationship and allowing her to find someone who would treat her better.  Lo and behold, she has apparently found this person, but still thinks I'm the world's worst person.

I'm failing Chemistry and my English professor is a moron (what english class is based 100% off of essays?).

My best female friend at college will not be returning to school next year.

My life is devoid of romantic love, affection or sexual gratification on any level.

The world is looking up on one thing however.  Cuba may be opening up to us United States citizens (yes, I'm really from the U.S., saying I'm from Japan is just for my character who will be my abridger tag once I begin my start to becoming an internet celebrity).  I may get to study abroad in La Universidad de Habana.


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